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    Ribbon knowledge
Add:27 second industrial zone
  hechang Road hekeng Village
  qiaotou Town dongguan City
Miss Luo:86-18820261121
With the continuous development of the company, are in urgent need of the following personnel to join, create" Xin Xin Kai" a better future.
一、Business: Sales of the elite (more)
1, life is full of challenging 18-28 years sales elite; 
2, have good communication ability and language expression ability, and customer friendly exchanges;
3, Have team spirit, obedient company, the leadership of the organization;
4,Working responsibility heart is strong.

二、Purchasing department: Purchasing Assistant (1)
1, the purchasing company required accessories ( buttons, ribbon, paper licensing, and other materials ).
2, follow up the purchase material progress and quality.
3, complete the superiors of other matters.
4, three years above ribbon raw materials purchasing, material control working experience; good coordination and communication skills, able to work under pressure. Work is careful, methodical; familiar with accessories ( buttons, pull film, ribbon, licensing and other skin ) the characteristics and prices.