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  hechang Road hekeng Village
  qiaotou Town dongguan City
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Enterprise purpose
Quality tree brand, quality is the cornerstone of enterprise brand. Brand represents the quality of products and services quality, manifests the enterprise visibility, reputation and customer brand loyalty. In the implementation of strategic goal of the enterprise process, Xin Xin Kai to casting quality, the plastic image, created brand.
Albert integrity legislation, integrity is the guarantee of enterprise development. Integrity throughout the operation and management, customer service, communication and cooperation, win-win development every step. In good faith as the core of the corporate culture with casting" hundred years Xin Kai Xin" whole process.

Spirit of enterprise
Carve is Xin Kai Xin 's fine tradition. Embodied in the thrifty and simple, tenacious, tough, is Xin Kai Xin implementation exceeds convention, span type development source power.
Selflessness is Xin Kai Xin's value orientation. Establish a sense of ownership, openness, Fenggongzhengji, devotion to a cause, to repay the society, enterprises and individuals to achieve common progress.
Hard work is the Xin Kai Xin's spiritual portrayal, is Xin Kai Xin march forward courageously, diligently strive after, dare to challenge, be enthusiastic and press on the concentrated embodiment of.
Development enterprising is Xin Kai Xin people winning magic weapon, to Everbright traditional, advancing with the times, innovation, the pursuit of excellence.